The following terms and conditions are part of every supply agreement.
With placing the order they are considered as accepted. Required Variations should be in written form. Differing conditions of purchase which are the basis of the customer's order are only accepted if they correspond to the terms and conditions stated below, except there is another written agreement.
Delivery will be executed as far as possible. Mentioned delivery times will be met. Force Majeure, lack of supply, regulatory intervention in production and dispatch enable us to cancel the contract.
Prices are quoted as current daily prices. From 150 EUR net value free delivery in Germany, plus 1% (of net value) Package award.
Due date becomes effective on receipt of invoice. Payment is requested within 30 days. On payment within 10 days we are prepared to grant a cash discount of 2 %. Variations should be agreed separately.
This agreement is not valid on payment cash on delivery.
We are doing our best to adapt our products to the best available technology and to supply them in excellent quality and condition. Samples depend on the type. Interim modifications of compositions are subject to change. The products have to be used according to our handling instructions. We only accept complaints regarding quantity and outer conditioning within 8 days after receipt of goods.
Complaints about the products themselves have to be notified us immediately after discovering of possible defects. In this case the customerxs claim is restricted in the right of replacement.
Additional claims about indirect or direct defects of any kind are excluded. Complaints and disagreement do not release the customer from the duty of payment
We supply our goods under conditional sale. All delivered products remain as our property until our requirements are completely fulfilled. The customer has the right to dispose of the goods within the scope of the normal business. Such developed requirements of the customer are transferred to us by now, as far as such requirements include fees for sold or used products of our supplies. Ulterior use of our products, e.g. through pledging is prohibited, but the customer is revocable entitled to collect open accounts, which he already has transferred to us. We are authorized to ask the customer for statement of the transferred open accounts with detailed description of his debtors and the notice of transfer to the debtors of our customer. Exceed these securing our requirements of 20 % we are obliged to refund exceeding securing on demand of the customer.
Place of execution and court of jurisdiction
Place of execution is Caminchen near Lübben and court of jurisdiction is Local Court Lübben Germany.

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